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Intermediation buying & sales support for your EU businesses.

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Management of established suppliers/customers or new partnerships: communication, pre/post-sales support, cross-selling, up-selling, feedback.

Lead and prospect generation in new markets: identification, strategy development, follow-up.

Negotiation and contract closure: assessment, processing, review, monitoring.


For over 15 years, we have been managing business clients located in various parts of the world to establish strong commercial partnerships. We represent micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises looking to expand their presence beyond national borders and understand that entrusting this crucial task to third-party professionals provides them with the opportunity to focus solely on their core business.

Analyze the context, competitors, the market, and select the most suitable options and solutions.

Analyzing the current context, competitors, and market is crucial to defining a winning strategy for your business. Understanding market dynamics and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors allows you to position yourself effectively in the relevant industry and identify growth and development opportunities.

Selecting the most suitable distribution channels or the right suppliers for your products or services is not only critical to reaching your desired customer target but also fundamental to the overall success of your business. Thoroughly assessing your options among potential suppliers/channels will enable you to choose those that align best with your needs.

Collection and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data. Analysis of industry trends and consumer preferences.

A strategic approach, based on solid and up-to-date data. Efficiency also involves investing time and resources in context analysis.

How we proceed

Sales Specialist on Demand

We offer flexible or continuous support to address the challenges of the international market and achieve successful results. Together, we will analyze and research your needs and create the most suitable strategic solutions for customer and global sales process management.

International Marketing Plan

To expand your business beyond national borders, it is essential to have a well-structured and targeted marketing plan. We support you in identifying the most promising markets, developing the most efficient marketing strategies, and planning the necessary actions to achieve your export goals.

International Fair Consultant

Participating in international trade shows is an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your products and services on the global stage. We support you in planning and coordinating all aspects related to international trade show participation, from choosing the most suitable event for your needs to designing exhibition booths and organizing B2B meetings.

Tailored Global Solutions

Every business is unique and requires tailor-made solutions to successfully navigate the internationalization process. Leveraging our industry experience and expertise, we can offer you customized and innovative services that perfectly align with your needs and enable you to achieve your development goals in the international market.


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